High Quality Wheelstands
Made in E.U.

The Deluxe V2 stands are bigger, heavier and sturdier in comparison to the standard V2 stands. The Deluxe V2 stands are made especially for bigger, more powerful wheels with strong force feedback, e.g.Thrustmaster T-GT, TS-XW, TS-PC, T500RS, T300RS, TX, F458, Logitech G27/G29/G920, MadCatz Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel for Xbox One, Fanatec CSP, GT2/GT3 wheel, etc.

The standard V2 stands are meant to be used with less powerful wheels without/or weak force feedback such as: Logitech DFGT, Thrustmaster TMX, T150, F458, F430, T80, T100, Microsoft Wireless Xbox 360 wheel, etc.

There are basically two dimensions when folded:

1) standard V2 models:
w/l/h 35cm/55cm/8cm

2) DELUXE V2 stands
w/l/h 40cm/65cm/9cm

+RGS module: w/l/h 63cm/65cm/9cm

With wheels mounted only the height rises:
32-38 cm depending on the wheel.

When unfolded and ready to play (at 90 degrees):
46cm MIN -> 68cm MAX

It is possible to mount the bigger wheels on the standard V2 stand using the appropriate upgrades available to buy at:

If you have any doubts to the choice of the stand to suit your current setup please do not hesitate to contact us at the same address as mentioned above.